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About us

The folding indoor/car kennel was introduced into the UK in the early 1970’s by Barbara Woodhouse who with her partner Joan Cudd conjoined their names to call the business ‘BARJO’.

In 1987 the business was developed by the late Geoff Caldwell, who with his knowledge of engineering and his love of dogs designed several other types of tailor made kennels and guards that would fit the various types of cars on the road today.

The business continues to run in the capable hands of his daughter Julie Mitchell who has worked alongside her ‘Dad’ for 23 years.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer care. This has been recognised by most major canine charities and professional service organisations which include ‘Guide dogs for the blind’ ‘Hearing dogs for the deaf’ ‘Police and HMS forces etc.

Over 70% of BARJO sales are reorder and recommendation.

Why Choose Barjo?

  • We were the first company in the UK to build Vehicle Cages and have a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Our Dog Cages are hand-made in Britain and offer the highest quality construction
  • Our Tailgate Guards and Vehicle Cages are custom-made for your specific vehicle 
  • Our products are made from British steel for maximum strength so they won't get chewed through by even the most determined dog
  • We offer a personal and highly professional service. Our quality of service sets us apart from other companies
  • The comfort and safety of your family pet is our main concern

Order with BARJO. Order with Confidence.  

Happy customers... happy dogs!

Thanks for such prompt service! I received my indoor kennel today (Tuesday) after ordering online on Saturday. The kennel quality is superb.
Denise May
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