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Dont Cook Your Dog Campaign

09 December 2013

Dogs still being left in hot cars! What you can do about it to help.

Every year dogs in cars are cooked – literally, from the inside. Please join our campaign - it unites the dog-loving world and aims to encourage zero tolerance to dogs ever being left in hot cars and prevent any more dogs dying in this horrific way.

The need for a fresh campaign was identified shortly after the most recent tragic deaths of the two police dogs. The tremendous public anger was transformed into something positive. Editor of Dogs Today magazine, Beverley Cuddy together with designer Judith Broug honed a concept which hit a chord with dog lovers worldwide.

News of the campaign quickly spread via social media and was even backed by Twitter supremo Stephen Fry who retweeted how people could get their own posters and stickers.

Barjo have joined the campaign and are dispatching these stickers free with every order. If you want to find out more about the campaign please go to

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